The Thrill of SkyDiving!


So, why do people want to make their first skydive? Various reasons indeed. Most do it for the excitement or the animation of trying something new and fun. Many do it so they can test their ability to confront their fears. Whatever the reason, once a first time skydiver jumps off the plain he quickly discovers that the thrill of freefall is something truly unique that goes well beyond a dose of excitement.

It is the free freefall part of a skydive that is most exciting for most skydivers. It normally would last for 60 or so seconds and each of these seconds is memorable forever. This is what skydivers treasure the most and they call it ‘the moment’ – absolute concentration in the freefall, with mind absolutely focused on that great moment. You forget about everything else – there are no everyday issues, no stress, no worries – the mind is totally occupied with feeling the fun of the moment, everything else is left aside!

As you descend, the parachute deploys and suddenly things slow down and once again the world is visible from a completely new prospective. Upon landing of your first skydive, you have become one of the few who have dared to fly over the earth in a free-fall and have experienced something really special. You have tested yourself in a remarkable new venture and you have experienced something truly unique.

And then most fall in love with skydiving and suddenly they start coming back for more thrills over and over. The magic is here to stay!


Why is the Thrill of Skydiving so Addicting?

We have seen it again and again. The moment when a first time skydiver lands on the ground he would shortly say that he wants to do it again! Why do most people do that, we have wondered? Why do so many first time skydivers quickly decided that skydiving for them has just become a lifetime sport? Soon they will be spending a weekend a month spending their recreation money for these special moments. Indeed, as in gambling, there is some form of addiction in skydiving and the experiences around it. There is no wonder why this happens. The people who have done skydiving with us share that the most important reasons for them to come back for more jumps are:

They get to meet exciting and interesting people

Most people who are jumping from the air look for the thrill or the adrenaline. After all skydiving is a fairly easy entry on someone’s bucket list.

If we consider the “psychology of skydiving,” we can immediately relate it to a skydiver’s relationship to fear. Of course diving is not such and uncalculated risk so people are looking to undertake a venture with some calculated risk. Skydiving is really about freedom–which has to do with facing fear. It’s also about empowerment – people feel so much better about themselves because they have been brave. Divers challenge themselves to achieve new horizons. It is also a form of therapy. Skydiving is not just for the young and restless – people of all walks of life are attracted to it –  it’s a great sport by itself with many followers.

You take an awesome Plane Ride

Oh yes, skydiving involves some nice plane rides. The preparation does not take all that much – diver usually receive detailed instructions and have to watch a bunch of training videos – then thep put on the gear for a tandem jump and hop into the airplane. You get to see the earth from 3 kilometers high – gorgeous views indeed. Until the door opens and it is time to jump!

Experiencing Free Fall

The free fall (45-60 seconds long) is simply amazing!

Floating Further Down

As the shoot opens you will notice that things get quiet all of a sudden. You now floating nicely in the air and the trip has gone much smother. Beautiful and relaxing experience – awesome and peaceful feeling. The earth is getting closer

Enjoying the view during the jump

Sky diving is an extraordinary bucket list experience that people never forget,


Can I Bet on SkyDiving and Other Extreme Sports?

Yes you can! Surely the setup and the variety of bets are different and unique compared to the odds given for most other sports offered at the majority of online casinos and bookmakers out there. It is good to understand what extreme sports are to start with – they are considered to be sports activities with some built-in risk, in other words – they are perceived to be more dangerous to the participants in a given sporting event. Natural examples of this are: skydiving, rock climbing, deep-sea scuba diving, or surfing. The sporting events themselves are attracting viewers because they are looking to see outcomes with high levels of adrenaline or excitement. And yes, many of these events are offered for bettors at some of the leading casinos out there like: Bet365, 888 Casino, UniBet, Betfair and more.


What Extreme Sports Can a Person Bet on?

If we can summarize the events into different categories, then the major ones would be;

Extreme Water sports

For example surfing. Surf competitions are designed to have heats that a surfer needs to pass in order to move on to the next round. The surfers that get the best results get promoted to the next round. And so on, until the finals. Body boarding and whitewater racing are sporting events where there are people riding on rectangular shaped hydrodynamic foam also specialized canoes and kayaks. Scuba diving is also an extreme water sport.

Extreme Hillside sports

This includes several events such as; cliff jumping, supercross, motor cross, BMX racing, mountain biking and rallying.

Extreme Winter sports

Snowboarding and snow climbing.

Extreme Air Sports

This is where we fit in. Sporting activities performed on high altitudes, like , paragliding, parachuting, and air diving.

How Do I get started?

The first thing that you need to do is to get familiar with the offered odds of these games and the differences between them and the other popular sporting events. Rule of thumb would be that you are betting on individuals and not teams. Then you can proceed to select a bookmaker of choice, get familiar with its terms and conditions and open and account with them and select the extreme sports section. Find the sports event of your liking and have some fun in the business of predicting outcomes of sporting events.


Some Tips for Better Chances in Extreme Sports Betting

Remember, you are betting on individuals and not teams and if you are familiar with a particular sport this could be of some great advantage to you. Do your homework on the people who will participate in the competition and perhaps you will discover odds that are in your favor. Make sure you understand the odds of the events and how they are changing during its course. You might also want to look for outgoing promotions and bonus offers especially during the biggest season events for a chance of boosting your returns.

To summarize

Yes, various betting options on extreme sports are available and in fact are quite popular with the general public. Yet the rules are a bit different. This is an entirely new option for enjoying these mind-blowing sports through wagering and get another dose of adrenaline as the events progress. Look below for some great sources for sports betting options around the world.

Favorite Skydiving & Betting Clubs Around the World

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Other interesting sports betting destinationsL Norway (nye kasinoer), New Zealand, Denmark, Japan

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