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Quick guide for first skydive for beginners

So, do you know anyone who has jumped from an airplane from 4km altitude. Most likely not. A good estimate is that only about 0.05% of the adult population has ever attempted a skydive. The interesting thing however is that once these people make their first just, then chances of them coming back are very high. About every other person is likely to try it again. Must be something fun that they discovered, don’t you think?

Here is few tips before you go for it.

Reading is fun, so Read all you can about it !

There are tons of skydiving resources on the web. There are tons of books and videos too. Even forums are very popular. It should not take much to get familiar with the basic rules and get some feedback from first time divers

Sleep well for a change. At least on the night before the jump!

Your body has to be prepared. Sleep well the night before the jump. Yes, skydiving is fantastic but come prepared for it and treat the experience with respect.

Eat well. Not too much and not too little

A nice breakfast will normally do the trick. Don’t come with an empty stomach or don’t come after having a grand meal. Both can be problematic. Bring some modest food with you if you fee you need to fill your tanks but don’t eat them all at once.

Dress Nice and Easy

Dress to kill has a different meaning in skydiving – you need to be comfortable and this is the most important thing. Not too loose and not too baggy. Not too tight and official. The keyword is: feel comfortable.

Film your skydiving experience!

Well this is not exactly a wedding night but taking some good quality photos or full videos can be quite an investment in a memorable moment. Make sure to get it on film. You will not believe how many Facebook likes these videos get!

Control your breath!

Listen to your instructor, he will mention breathing quite a lot. It is very important to get a hold of it as air can violently come into your face. Remember the song: Breathe in, breath out, calmly and slowly. Don’t over do it, control your breadth and enjoy the rest.